The mission of the Los Angeles Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (LACNETS) is to advocate for all people impacted by neuroendocrine cancer through sustainable wellness education and by expanding awareness of this rare cancer through collaborative community. We aim to help those with neuroendocrine cancer by providing support and expanded access to information on diagnosis, treatment options, research and resources. We serve the NET community by connecting patients, caregivers and medical professionals to facilitate enhanced communication between patients and healthcare professionals. Through our educational seminars, we provide an opportunity for patients to meet and share experiences, encouragement and hope.

Our goal is to ensure early diagnosis and educate the public about neuroendocrine and carcinoid cancer.

LACNETS is a program by Generate Possibility, a 501(c)(3) California non-profit corporation.


LACNETS, The Los Angeles Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumor Society, supports those affected by neuroendocrine cancer — patients, families and caregivers. Neuroendocrine cancer is a rare cancer which is misdiagnosed up to 80% of the time. Programs include the monthly Patient Education Seminar speaker series, an annual Patient Education Conference, awareness campaigns including our YouTube channel, the Patient Mentor program, the LACNETS newsletter and the LACNETS.org website.

LACNETS was founded by patient and patient advocate Giovanna Imbesi in 2012 with the launch of the Patient Education speaker series and inaugural speaker, Dr. Edward Wolin, Co-Director of the Neuroendocrine Tumor Program at Cedars-Sinai, Samuel Oschin Cancer Institute.

Over more than three years, LACNETS has presented leading NET experts in oncology, gastroenterology, radiology, nuclear medicine, clinical trials, pain management, surgery, psychiatry and addressed patient concerns in the areas of insurance coverage and nutrition. As of November, 2014, the Speaker Series is videotaped for a global audience and posted on YouTube, key NET support organization sites and shared through social media.

LACNETS, through its programs, has impacted the lives of over 1500 patients in the Southern California region since its inception in 2012. Patient educational materials are presented and made available at each meeting. A monthly newsletter spreads awareness of new treatment options and relevant announcements regarding educational events and conferences.

LACNETS is a program by Generate Possibility, a 501(c)(3) California non-profit corporation. All or part of your donation may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.


Contact: Giovanna Imbesi, Executive Director