Saturday, June 24th @ City of Hope (Duarte, Calif.)

NET patients are always in search of a nutritionist who truly understands NETs.  Well, we have just the right person and she will be joining us from New Orleans just for the June 24th Annual Conference!

Leigh Anne Burns is considered by many to the be top authority on nutrition for neuroendocrine cancer patients.  She is an oncology nutritionist at the LSUHSC School of Medicine in New Orleans and works with the Oshsner-Kenner Neuroendocrine Tumor Clinic in Louisiana. 

Leigh Ann Kamerman Burns, MS, LDN, RD, will be presenting on Nutrition for NETs at this year’s NET conference. Leigh Anne has practiced medical nutritional therapy for 20 years. In 2002, she transferred to New Orleans, where she is an instructor and Clinical Specialist in the Department of Nutrition. As a member of the Cancer Center, she has joined the statewide disease management team for cancer prevention and early detection. She teaches medical students, residents, and fellows various areas of nutrition and participates in both research and patient care in the area of oncology and cancer prevention. She has specialized in the clinical practice care of oncology patients for 15 years, spending much of the last four years caring for patients with carcinoid cancer. 

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