Why Attend NET Patient Education Conferences?

“Educated patients tend to be happier patients as they have better expectations and feel more comfortable navigating this journey.”
— Dr. Tom Hope

We agree with you, Dr. Hope! Knowledge is POWER! While we could go on and on as to why it's important to attend NET conferences, we compiled a list of what we felt are the top and most important reasons to participate: 

  • LEARN from NET experts.

    • Build your knowledge & understand more about the disease.

    • Learn about current therapies from the medical community.

    • Get your questions answered.

  • MEET NET experts — connect with them in a nonclinical (& less intimidating) setting.

  • MEET with other NET patients and caregivers.

    • Build new friendships.

    • Be encouraged and inspired by meeting others who want to take charge of their disease, their health, and their lives.

    • Build a support network and talk with others who share similar experiences

    • Know you are not alone!

    • Learn from the experiences and insights of others.

  • Be EMPOWERED to be a better partner in your NET journey.

  • UNDERSTAND how to cope with the emotional challenges of living with NET.

  • DISCOVER ways to increase public awareness of the disease.

  • Have FUN & CONNECT with other zebras!

There are several NET Patient Conferences and events each year that take place throughout the country. Click here to learn about upcoming Conferences and events.

2019 Annual los angeles NET patient education conference

saturday, june 8th • Cedars-sinai

The 2019 Annual los Angeles Patient Education Conference is coming up on Saturday, June 8th hosted by Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. This full-day event offers an opportunity to hear many experts all in one location and learn about the latest treatment options for patients. This conference also allows patients and caregivers to connect with other NET patients and caregivers.

Free admission ✓

Free Parking ✓

Complimentary breakfast, lunch & snacks ✓

Go out on a limb with me...

By Lisa Yen, NP, NBC-HWC

In this current age of technology, I find it tempting to hide behind the screen.  Loads of Information are easily accessible on websites, webinars, blogs, and online forums.  This allows for privacy and anonymity, perfect for an introvert like me!  Why bother investing the time and expense of attending an in-person conference?  It was more than one year after my husband’s diagnosis with neuroendocrine tumor before I timidly ventured into a NET meeting for the very first time.  I was wary of entering a “support group," imagining a group of people sitting around in a circle, holding hands and talking about touchy-feely things and perhaps even crying.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  The only accurate part of that image was that everyone was warm and friendly, creating a safe and personal environment.  What impressed me most about the meeting was its highly educational content.  As a medical professional, I must admit that I entered the meeting wondering how accurate or “dumbed down” the information might be, but I left quite impressed.  

After testing the waters with the monthly LACNETS educational meetings, I attended my first patient education conference.  I'm at a loss of words to express how valuable this was for me.  While learning from the NET experts was hugely helpful, meeting them was priceless.  It was wonderful to be able to approach them in a more informal setting and pepper them with questions raised by their presentations.  I went away not only feeling empowered, but also very encouraged and hopeful, excited about continued progress in research and treatments.  I can honestly say that attending the NET educational meetings and conferences was a game-changer!  It changed the course of our medical journey in both concrete and abstract ways.  

Looking back now, I can laugh at myself for how silly I was for fearing to go out on a limb by attending a patient education conference.  What a wonderful opportunity it is for those of us affected by NET!  I hope you too will venture out on a limb with me.  You will find that you’re not the only one on that limb.