NETCONNECT is a buddy system to connect NET patients and caregivers with others to be there for one another to ask questions, for support and beyond.

We were ALL once the newly diagnosed  - or the partner of someone newly diagnosed - and know what that feels like.  Many of us were fortunate to have someone reach out to us and guide us in the beginning, learning the maze of new vocabulary, familiarity with terms, physicians, types of physicians and all of the treatment options.  We learned where to find support - the wonderful local meditation class, tips on foods that trigger symptoms, tips on managing fatigue, how you manage scan-xiety and maybe just a reminder to take a deep breath!

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request a mentor

Are you newly diagnosed and/or new to LACNETS and are looking to connect with another individual?          


become a mentor

Have you have been living with NET for a while and would like to serve as a “mentor” for those who are newer to this journey?

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Send us an email to find out more about NETCONNECT.