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NETCONNECT is a buddy system to connect NET patients and caregivers with those who can truly relate, listen, provide support and resources.  

We were all once the newly diagnosed, or the loved one of someone newly diagnosed, and understand what that feels like. Our mentors know how important it is to connect with others who “speak NET,”  are familiar with NET terms, medical experts and treatment options. Or just to be reminded to take a deep breath and know you're not alone in this journey.


Whether you are newly-diagnosed or a long-term survivor, our mentors are here for you. Please send us an email to be connected with a mentor.


Brent Currie
65315554_1104173549780175_1825538577438605312_n - Copy.jpg
NET Patient

Brent was diagnosed mid-2017 and had his large midgut primary NET near the ileum resected. He's now monitoring his metastases, taking lanreotide and working with his team to minimize the side-effects, and is happy to be working with newly diagnosed patients. He is finding this stage of life to be a faith journey just as much as it is a medical journey. He is also a caregiver to his cancer survivor mom, and enjoys technology and singing/playing music.


Watch Brent share about his NET journey here.

Heather Davis
NET Caregiver & Advocate

Heather is an advocate/caregiver for her mother diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine in 2012. Significant, functioning liver metastasis and near fatal complications of her mother’s undiagnosed Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome motivated Heather to shift her 20-year marketing career to healthcare. She is extremely grateful for LACNETS, NET specialists and PRRT keeping her mother stable and well. Heather is passionate about the need for patient advocates and supporting the NET community and caregivers. She is currently training in a health care advocacy certificate program at UC Berkeley. Spending free time with her nephews, friends & family brings Heather levity and joy and the adventures of online dating keeps her on her toes!


Watch Heather and her mother share about their experience with PRRT.

Beth Deblase
Beth Deblase.jpg
NET Patient

Beth was diagnosed in 2016 with metastatic, midgut NET. In that time, she has made aesthetic oncology and integrative therapies her passion. Her mission is to help enhance the quality of life for fellow cancer patients and caregivers, including herself, her four children, and husband.


Watch Beth share her inspiring story of strength and resilience titled, “A Shared Experience” here.

Michel DeQuevedo
NET Patient

Michel DeQuevedo is a Mexican – Canadian musician living with NETs. After almost 10 years of being “diagnosed” with pretty much every single gastrointestinal condition, changing his diet almost as often as his socks, constantly visiting everybody’s bathrooms and taking tons and tons of non-recreational drugs, he was diagnosed with functional, grade 1, Gastrointestinal NETs, small bowel primary with mets in his liver, appendix, right lung and omentum in September 2021.

Michel had an open surgery in December 2021 where some of his factory original parts where removed, along with 90% of the tumors. He is currently on Lanreotide, 120mg every 21 days and can finally have a conversation with someone without having to take bathroom breaks!

Michel is an active patient advocate and the founder of NETs México, working to raise awareness about NETs in México and Latin America. He believes keeping a positive attitude is extremely important, as it helps us maintain a clear mind and keeps us moving forward.

Watch Michel’s story of diagnosis to patient advocacy here. This video is also available in Spanish, found here.

Mary Donlevy
NET Patient & LACNETS Board Member

Mary was diagnosed in 2005 with a pancreatic NET. She had the whipple procedure after her original diagnosis and is currently treating her liver metastases with afinitor and sandostatin. She has been on this treatment for 10 years with stable disease. She is a mother to four children, two of which are identical twins born after her diagnosis with NET.


Watch Mary share about her experience in a clinical trial.

Watch Mary also share about "scan-xiety," the common anxiety patients sometimes have when undergoing scans here.

Watch Mary share her story of living with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor.

Denny Organ
Denny Organ.jpg
NET Patient

Denny likes to say that he is living quite well with well-differentiated grade 3 NETs first diagnosed in June of 2020, with significant mets in his liver. Early in his NET journey he dedicated the time to gain as much understanding and knowledge as possible about his disease, treatment options and prognosis. His path has been somewhat unique in having his first-line treatment be PRRT. Denny is a very engaged self-advocate and has assembled a strong cross-functional medical team of NET specialists for support. With his cancer, carcinoid heart disease and gallstones all currently stable, Denny has the time and energy to enjoy a wide variety of hobbies and connect with other NET patients throughout the west coast.


Watch Denny share his experience with PRRT.

Shane Peters
Shane Peters.jpg
NET Caregiver & Advocate

Shane dove headfirst into the world of neuroendocrine tumors after his mother was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic NET in 2020. Shane's mom, Ilka, is his best friend and he is determined to do everything and anything possible to make sure his mom forever receives the best cancer care. Shane has found such a loving community within LACNETs, in which many of these connections have become dear friends and supporters in his life. Shane is so grateful to be able to give back to the community and help those facing similar journeys as his mother. When Shane is not learning about NETs, he spends his days teaching chorus, piano and music in southern New York! 

Read Shane Peters' blog post 'Scan Results: To Check or Not to Check'

Aimee Powell
Aimee Powell.png
NET Caregiver & Advocate

Aimee Powell's involvement with the NET cancer community has its roots in her work as a caregiver for family members diagnosed with pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma (pheo/para). She has worked in an administrative capacity with nonprofits since 2005, and as a professional communicator for over twenty-five years. After her brother's death from malignant paraganglioma, she dedicated herself to raising awareness of para/pheo, and to assisting patients with these rare tumors. Aimee is the founder of the Pheo Para Project, past Executive Director of the Pheo Para Alliance, and currently sits on the board of directors for the SDH-Deficient Cancer Research Advocates. She lives in the Greater Los Angeles area.


Watch Aimee share about her pheo/para journey here.

Samuel Prentice Jr.
Samuel Prentice.jpg
NET Patient

Samuel is a widowed, 75 years young, retired professional social worker, wholistic counselor, and educator who had 9 feet of small intestine, ileum, connection, and colon removed in 2017 due to NET. He had colon blockage which led to a colostomy and struggles with weight loss. Currently, monthly octreotide and PRRT have halted his tumor growth. Samuel maintains quality of life by exercising, singing, dancing, traveling between homes in Southern California and Chicago, and continues his personal/spiritual growth and progressive political activism. He enjoys family, friends, his Acura NSX, and attending hockey, theatre, music, and fine art events.


Laugh and sing along as Samuel shares his “Circle Song.”

Valerie Tippy.jpg
NET Patient

Val was diagnosed with Carcinoid Syndrome in October 2015 with unknown primary. She is currently on lanreotide every 21 days, supplemented with rescue shots 4 – 7 times per day. Along with the unpredictable diarrhea and fatigue, she also deals with sudden shortness of breath and a hoarse voice. The rescue shots have been a blessing for her. Val’s doctors feels her NET is hiding, so routine tests and scans are done to try and locate the elusive tumor. This can be an ongoing challenge for some NET patients, so getting the right specialist is crucial. Val recently retired after spending the last 20 years working with hospitals on designing security systems for patient protection. Her goal is to travel with her husband and spend time with her two adult children.


Watch Val share about her NET journey here.

Valerie Tippy
NET Caregiver

Beth is the primary advocate and caregiver for her husband Don. Don started on this roller coaster ride when he was diagnosed in November 2019 with midgut NETS with metastases to his liver, pancreas, and bones.  He also experiences carcinoid syndrome. He has undergone numerous treatments for his NETS as well as replacement of both his tricuspid and pulmonary heart valves. His symptoms have been very difficult to control.

Beth’s professional career as a palliative care nurse provides a unique perspective on the role of advocacy and caregiver. 

Beth and Don have experienced both highs and lows on this journey, but they continue to take it one day at a time. Traveling when they can and making memories with family and friends along the way.

Watch Beth and Don share about their NET journey here. 

Read Beth's blog post, "What It Means To Be A Caregiver."

Beth Voyles
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