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Blue Skies

Resources from our Partners

AAA resources: Facts about PRRT, patient brochures, and contact information

Ipsen resources: Patient brochures, copay information packet, SOMATULINE® DEPOT prescribing information packet, and contact information

TerSera resources: Patient brochures, nurses patient brochure, nutrition guide & recipes for Carcinoid Syndrome, and contact information

RayzeBio resources: Clinical trial information, and contact information

Lantheus resources: Azedra patient brochure, Azedra Service Connection Patient Services brochure, and Azedra and Lantheus websites

Crinetics Resources: Information about Patient Insights Program, Patient Leadership Council, and clinical trial information


  • These resources are for informational and educational purposes only and are not substitute for professional medical advice. This information is not intended to provide a medical professional’s opinion or advice. You are advised to seek appropriate licensed medical professional help.

  • Please do not delay treatment based on this information. Talk to your medical team if you have any questions or concerns about your individual care or treatment.

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