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Neuroendocrine cancer (neuroendocrine tumor or NET) and COVID-19 share some similarities. They’re both equalizers. They don’t discriminate based on socioeconomic class, age, gender, religion, or politics. They also teach us similar lessons. We are learning to pace ourselves for a marathon rather than a sprint. We are learning to be flexible…to make friends with change as we live with uncertainty. And we are learning to find a new normal, one in which we become more attentive and proactive about our health and wellness.

LACNETS understands that NET doesn’t slow down for the coronavirus. While we try to stay safe with physical distancing, we must continue to be informed about our disease. To those affected by NET, knowledge is empowering. It helps regain control and make better decisions for ourselves.

Educated patients tend to be happier patients as they have better expectations and feel more comfortable navigating this journey.

— Dr. Tom Hope

As always, LACNETS remains committed to offering education and support to the NET community. LACNETS wants to help you better navigate your journey. Because public policies prevent us from gathering, LACNETS is bringing the 2020 Annual Los Angeles Neuroendocrine Tumor Patient Education Conference to the safety and comfort of your home. LACNETS is excited to present an incredible panel of NET experts and patients. Join LACNETS for the first virtual NET Patient Education Conference.

LEARN from NET experts.

  • Build your knowledge and understand more about the disease.

  • Learn about current therapies from the medical community.

  • Get your questions answered.

LEARN from NET patients.

  • Hear stories from other NET patients who share about their experiences and lessons learned.

Be EMPOWERED to be a better advocate in the NET journey.

UNDERSTAND how to cope with the emotional challenges of living with NET.

DISCOVER ways to increase public awareness of the disease.

No traffic.

No commute.

No wait.

No lines.

No need to wear a mask.

Check out the past LACNETS Conference Videos on our LACNETS YouTube Channel.

Why attend a NET Patient Education Conference?

Hear from NET patients & caregivers below who have attended these important conferences in the past.

4+ hours of NET-focused content including presentations on PRRT, Finding a NET Expert, Surgery, Systemic Therapy, Imaging, Liver-Directed Therapy, Symptom Management, and a 45-minute Q&A with 10 NET experts around the country!


Director of Programs & Outreach, LACNETS

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