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“We are a community. There are many experts and advocates fighting on your behalf. We are all fighting with and for you. YOU are the reason we do all of this. We strive to build connections. And when we come together and link arms, we are stronger TOGETHER.

— Lisa Yen, LACNETS Program Director (Quote from the Virtual 2020 Los Angeles NET Patient Education Conference)

On Saturday, June 20th, the Los Angeles Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (LACNETS) presented the Virtual 2020 Los Angeles NET Patient Education Conference. Our motto this year was “Stronger Together.”

Stronger Together: COLLABORATION

LACNETS is a NET community comprising of NET patients and their loved ones, NET experts, partners and supporters. We collaborate with local and national NET centers and organizations. We aim to build and strengthen connections among those in the NET community because we recognize we are stronger together.

The conference agenda featured:

  • 8 NET experts from 7 different NET centers

  • 5 NET patient stories

  • Resources from various partners


While the Virtual 2020 Los Angeles NET Patient Education Conference may be over, our mission lives on! We invite you to go deeper with us. There are many opportunities to further your NET education, connect with others, and give back!


  • CONTRIBUTE to future meetings, programs, and conferences. (LACNETS is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization). If you’ve enjoyed and benefited from the LACNETS Annual conference, monthly meetings, programs, educational blogs, or quizzes, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Your generous support makes it possible to hear from NET experts, livestream and videotape presentations, and increase our reach to those whose lives have been touched by NET. We are deeply grateful for your contribution.

The mix of testimonials from patients and the clinical presentations was outstanding. I learned something from just about every presentation!

— NET Patient

Watch now: Live Q&A with 10 NET Experts


Watch: Patient & Caregiver Stories

"Finding a NET Expert" (5:44 - 22:25), Cindy Lovelace, Executive Director, Healing NET Foundation

"Patient Story" (0:00 - 7:03), Eric, NET Patient

"Patient Story" (0:00 - 6:06) , Mary, NET Patient; "Patient & Caregiver Story" (43:31 - 50:52), Shaunie, NET Patient; Heather, NET Caregiver

"Patient Story" (0:00 - 6:30), Brent, NET Patient


Director of Programs & Outreach, LACNETS

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