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We recently shared the sad news of the passing of our founder, Executive Director, and dear friend, Giovanna Joyce Imbesi. It had been a challenging year for Giovanna’s physical health and she moved to Marin County this fall with hopes of enjoying many months of music, nature, and friends. Sadly, her physical condition unexpectedly and rapidly declined. Giovanna passed away peacefully in her home in Marin surrounded by an intimate circle of loved ones including our very own Lisa Yen and NorCal Carcinet founder and president Josh Mailman along with Giovanna’s sister, Donna Gavin, and a handful of longtime friends. Giovanna also felt incredibly loved and supported by the countless family and friends who were present with her in spirit.

Although we miss her dearly, Giovanna expressed her desire that we focus on how she lived richly and fully for 14 years with neuroendocrine cancer. She felt that her greatest legacy was founding and building LACNETS, a non-profit dedicated to providing education, support, and advocacy for those whose lives have been touched by neuroendocrine cancer. Giovanna was especially proud of NET VITALS, a tool we created to improve communication between patients and physicians. Her hope was to help as many people as possible learn to thrive while living with neuroendocrine cancer.

Giovanna built more than just a community; she created a family. Her wish was for us to continue celebrating life and connectedness. We welcome you to lean on each other for support by joining us at one of our LACNETS meetings. Our upcoming December 10th meeting will feature a presentation by Chaplain Michael Eselun and will include a time for remembrance of Giovanna. For those unable to attend meetings in person, they are live-streamed on the LACNETS Facebook Page. Past meetings can be viewed on the LACNETS YouTube channel. There are tentative plans for a celebration of Giovanna’s life in the Bay area in January 2020 and Los Angeles in February 2020. More details will follow. You may also leave a tribute to Giovanna in the comments section below.

LACNETS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, Tax ID #20-0062062. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.


Coping & Bereavement support and resources:

Please feel free to leave a tribute to Giovanna in the comments section below.
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3 days ago

I just noticed that Joyce had passed. I knew her as Joyce in 1987 when she hired me to be her apprentice for a brief time. She was gigging with Girlfriend, a band that was being produced by Narada. I joined her on some club gigs and worked the lights. Took her to the Apple offices where she demoed MIDI which was quite new at the time. Saw them rehearse at Tarpon. She was very kind and giving. I wish I had spent more time with her and that world, but I had to make money so my time became more limited. I'm sure she is still dearly missed by her closest family friends. God's speed.


Apr 22

Giovanna. Joyce. What a beautiful soul.

Today I came across a letter she wrote me after she had graciously played synthesizer in an ensemble I put together for the Da Camera series in LA to play my compositions. I had sadly lost track of her and wondered what she might be doing now.

I cried.

If you knew her or played music with her, you knew what a completely present, talented, strong, and lovely spirit she was. And of course she would spend her last years giving to others.

I first met her when an East Bay composer hired us to play on some recordings. I remember Giovanna’s tune as “Joyce Jumps”! Mine was “Bus Full of Chickens.”

Thank you…


Dec 18, 2022

Rossina - 3 years ago

You do not have to know someone for a long time for that person to become one of the most important along your path. Rest in peace for you have impacted our world in the most amazing way. Thank you Giovanna! You will be missed but never forgotten.

Rossina Chichiri


Dec 18, 2022

Nanette Teters - 3 years ago

I met Joyce a long time ago probably 98 or so through another Musician Friend of hers. As a Caregiver myself for many years I am always blown away by those who continue to live their lives fully while dealing with such a debilitating disease and continue to give it themselves. Joyce what am impressive Human Being your Spirit is definitely felt by me.



Dec 18, 2022

Richard Mays - 3 years ago

Giovanna (I knew you as "Joyce") From one musician to another, I always admired your beautiful talent and the exquisite way you expressed yourself at the keyboard. I feel graced that our paths crossed however briefly in San Francisco. As I learn about your struggle with cancer, I have a whole new level of respect for you and the way you led your life. It was truly an honor to know you. Rest in peace.

Rick Mays

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