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LACNETS held its 2020 VIRTUAL Annual NET Cancer Day Symposium on November 7th, 2020. Here are some memorable quotes we'd like to share with your from the symposium:

We remember that, as Victor Frankl said, ‘Those who have a WHY to live can bear with almost any HOW.’ We focus each day on our why.

— NET Patient Laurie on lessons learned from her first year living with NET

My dealing with COVID is how I deal with neuroendocrine cancer. I began walking which led to hiking the day of my surgery… My hiking is an important part of who I am and how I give back to the neuroendocrine family and community.

— NET Patient Cindy who hiked the 110-mile Tour du Mont Blanc eight months after NET surgery

NET Cancer Day is all about awareness, and we’ve come a long way as a community in terms of raising that awareness…What I want to encourage the NET community is not only raise awareness in terms of diagnosis but take it to the next step. Be able to advocate not only for yourself on a daily basis, but start to think about how you’re going to advocate for the future development of treatments that’s going to potentially impact your life...Today of all days, we’ve seen that YOUR VOICE matters!

— Dr. Dan Li, NET Oncologist, City of Hope

Like you, we’re focused on moving the field forward. It’s good to have knowledge and be informed always...With all things in life, whether you have metastatic NET or breast cancer or lung cancer, living with metastatic cancer is a whole different ball game. And it takes a lot of courage to push aside your worries and live your life. And make sure you’re maximizing your quality of life. And make sure you’re not forgetting to enjoy the things around you.

— Dr. Sandy Kotiah, Mercy Medical Center

We understand your hurdles and the difficulties you’re going through...We as a NET community are trying to help you with that...You are NOT ALONE. We are together in this journey...We are going to fight with you...We’re going to be with you all the way!

— Dr. Jaydira Del Rivero, National Cancer Institute, NIH

LACNETS invites you to add your voice in supporting NET patients and their loved ones. Talk about NETs. Advocate. Contribute to the Vision.


Watch the 2020 Virtual NET Cancer Day Symposium Click here for the full video playlist.

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