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Resources for Children


CancerCare for Kids® provides free, professional support services for parents, children and adolescents affected by cancer, as well as information about helping children understand cancer and additional resources. Learn more here.


Help with Hope is a support group to the children whose parent has cancer. If you are a parent with cancer and have a child between the ages of 8 and 17, they can attend an online meditation support group with other kids who understand what they are going through, parents are also invited! Learn more here.


Kesem is committed to creating a world where every child who has a parent with a cancer diagnosis or has lost a parent to cancer is never alone. Kesem supports these children through and beyond their parent’s cancer with free, fun-filled creative programs and a lasting community. Learn more here.


Lynn Lyons helps families navigate through fear and anxiety. Click here to learn more.


  • Inner Harbor – offers mental health support for grieving students. They also train high school and college teachers and counselors and even Greek houses to support young adults.

  • High Mark Caring Place – manages the Children's Grief Awareness Day page, helping to remind us that grieving kids need our love.

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