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Surgery for NETs Resources


Watch 'A Conversation with Three NET Surgeons' featuring Dr. Callisia Clarke, Dr. Alexandra Gangi and Dr. Daniel Anaya Saenz. This presentation is part of the 2023 LACNETS Neuroendocrine Tumor Patient Education Conference held on June 17, 2023.

Is surgery the right treatment option for you? Dr. Callisia Clarke joined us for our annual patient conference to address surgery for NETs including decision-making & preparing for surgery.

NET patient Julie’s “show and tell” of tips, tricks, and specific items she found useful during her hospital stay and recovery at home. Click here for a list of the items Julie mentioned in this video.


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To cut or not to cut? A crossroad many neuroendocrine cancer patients are faced with along their journey. NET surgeon Dr. Gagandeep Singh of City of Hope answers the top 10 surgery questions for NETs.

How do surgeons decide the type, extent, and approach of NET surgery? NET surgeon Dr. Alexandra Gangi of Cedars-Sinai answers 10 common questions about what to expect before, during, and after NET surgery. Gain insight on preparing for surgery and what is important for your surgeon to know about your recovery goals. Dr. Gangi’s comprehensive approach illustrates why surgeons are an integral part of your NET medical team.


NET Quiz - Test Your Knowledge!

How much do you really know about surgery and international radiology for NETs? Test your NET knowledge by taking this six question quiz based off of the NETWise podcast episode #3: “Surgery and Interventional Radiology for NETs.”

Blog Post - Practical Tips for Patients Preparing for Surgery

Many NET patients undergo surgery as part of their treatment course. While their medical team might have specific preparation instructions, patients often wonder about practical concerns like how to plan, what to pack, and how to prepare the home...

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