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In this 2-part series, we reprise “Navigating Clinical Trials: Expectations vs Realities” with Taymeyah Al-Toubah. This was previously broadcast on August 19th, 2023, as a LACNETS monthly educational webinar. In Part 1, Taymeyah discusses clinical trial terminology, timeline, questions to ask, and misconceptions. In Part 2, Taymeyah answers questions about logistics and practical aspects of clinical trials, such as costs, response time, and follow-up. She also answers frequently asked questions about PRRT trials, including alpha trials.



Taymeyah Al-Toubah is a clinical researcher, currently at Moffitt Cancer Center, who has been in the research field for 10 years. She began her career in 2013 while obtaining her bachelors degrees in biomedical sciences and psychology, working in pediatric and neonatal research at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. In 2016, she shifted her career focus to oncology, beginning with phase I trials and working in all solid tumors. She completed her Master of Public health in epidemiology in 2017 and focused her graduate thesis on neuroendocrine tumors. In 2018, she switched departments to focus exclusively on NETs.


From 2018 – 2023, she was the primary NET coordinator in the GI department, managing all clinical trials while leading the GI team, managing the NET clinic coordination amongst the ancillary departments, and working on all retrospective and non-interventional NET research. She has worked on protocol development, database analysis, and manuscript writing, resulting in over 30 published manuscripts and presented her research at several national and international oncology and NET conferences, with oral abstracts at several ENETS and NANETS conferences.


In April 2023, she formally transitioned to a new position as a project manager of the NET program where she will continue to mentor new coordinators, while working on protocol development and writing, manuscript writing, non-interventional clinical trials, and retrospective NET research. One of her first major projects will be to curate and develop a master database of all NET patients seen at her institution that will provide the basis for all future NET research to be published at Moffitt.


She is currently on the board of one of the first NET patient advocacy groups in Florida (FLaNET Carcinoid Community), which kicked off alongside the Tampa Regional NANETS meeting in November 2022. She is an active member in NANETS on the Continuing Education and Symposium Planning committees.


She plans to dedicate the remainder of her career to this disease and community. Her ultimate plan is to attend medical school, specialize in medical oncology, and continue to serve the academic NET community and patient base as a physician and clinical investigator.




Glossary: Common Terms in Clinical Trials

Navigating Clinical Trials: Expectations vs Realities - Slides from August 19, 2023 LACNETS Educational Event

"How to Prepare for Clinical Trials" Info Sheet




LACNETS Podcasts are created for educational purposes only and do not substitute for medical advice. The views shared in this Podcast are the personal opinions of the experts and do not necessarily reflect the views of LACNETS. Please contact your medical team with questions or concerns about your individual care or treatment.



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