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Who is eligible for PRRT? What are the side effects? Should somatostatin analogues be continued? Can PRRT be repeated when there is disease progression? NET expert and Nuclear Medicine Physician Dr. Martin Auerbach of UCLA Health answers 10 common questions about the decision-making process of PRRT. Dr. Auerbach addresses how to manage side effects, carcinoid crisis, labs, and post-PRRT imaging.



Dr. Auerbach is the Director of Nuclear Medicine at the Westwood and Santa Monica UCLA Hospitals, and Associate Professor in Nuclear Medicine, Division of Pharmacology, at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Apart from serving as attending physician in Nuclear Medicine at the UCLA Santa Monica and Westwood Hospital, active research includes clinical studies investigating the role of molecular imaging with PET/CT to gain insights into malignant disease processes, and monitoring of cancer treatment.



1. Who is eligible for PRRT? When considering PRRT, is there a minimum or maximum tumor size? What is the effect if a patient receives half the planned dose or a delay in receiving a dose due to low counts? 

2. How do you decide on doses of radioactive agents in PRRT?  Do they consider the individual’s weight or does everyone get the same dose? 

3. What are the side effects of PRRT and how are they managed?

4. Do you continue SSA with PRRT and if so when should one receive it?

5. Can people have carcinoid crisis with PRRT? If so, how is this treated?

6. When or how often are labs done? Which labs and what are you looking for?

7. When do you do imaging? Which imaging to you do?

8. When would you expect to see a response with PRRT and what is the statistics about the shrinkage or response that is expected?

9. For those who have received 4 doses of Luthatera, what happens if/when there is progression, can PRRT be repeated? Can people have more than 4 doses of Lutathera?

10. What is the difference between alpha and beta PRRT? How would you decide between the alpha or beta PRRT?



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LACNETS Podcasts are created for educational purposes only and do not substitute for medical advice. The views shared in this Podcast are the personal opinions of the experts and do not necessarily reflect the views of LACNETS. Please contact your medical team with questions or concerns about your individual care or treatment.



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