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“Educated patients tend to be happier patients as they have better expectations and feel more comfortable navigating this journey.”

— Dr. Tom Hope, UCSF radiologist and nuclear medicine physician

We agree with you, Dr. Hope! Knowledge is POWER! While we could go on and on as to why it's important to attend NET conferences, we compiled a list of what we felt are the top and most important reasons to participate:

  • LEARN from NET experts.

    • Build your knowledge & understand more about the disease.

    • Learn about current therapies from the medical community.

    • Get your questions answered.

  • LEARN from other NET patients and caregivers.

    • Be encouraged and inspired by hearing from others who want to take charge of their disease, their health, and their lives.

    • Know you are not alone!

    • Learn from the experiences and insights of others.

  • Be EMPOWERED to be a better partner in your NET journey.

  • UNDERSTAND how to cope with the emotional challenges of living with NET.

  • DISCOVER ways to increase public awareness of the disease.

We invite you to join us for our 2022 LACNETS NET Patient Education Conference on Saturday, June 18. The conference is offered at no cost to attendees. This virtual event features:

  • 10 NET experts

  • Live Q&A with the experts

  • Patient stories

  • Educational presentations for both the newly-diagnosed and for zebras who have lived with NET for a long time

This year's theme is "Empowering You to Make NET Decisions." NET patients and caregivers are constantly wrestling with decisions. Our goal is to share the latest in treatments and research to empower and support you.

There are several NET Patient Conferences and events each year that take place throughout the country. Click here to learn about upcoming Conferences and events.


Director of Programs & Outreach, LACNETS

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