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LACNETS - NET VITALS Webinar - September 6th, 2018

LACNETS - NET VITALS Webinar - September 6th, 2018

Download NET VITALS here: NET VITALS Webinar - Question Timing Guide: Introductions: Start - 10:25 Q1. My neuroendocrine tumor (NET) was found: 10:41 Q2. I am a neuroendocrine tumor (NET) patient and my primary (origin) tumor is: 11:05 Q3. My NET has spread (metastasized) to: 11:57 Q4. My Ki-67 index is 14:20 Record-keeping: 14:38 Pathology report example: 17:25 Q5. My neuroendocrine tumor is: 18:15 Q6. My neuroendocrine tumor is: 22:17 Q7. I have symptoms: 23:50 Q8. I have had symptoms for ____ years (if applicable). 23:50 Q9. I have had the following types of imaging, and possess the disk and/or report: 29:30 Q10. I have had the following labs, and possess the report (if applicable): Indicate if abnormal. 32:55 Q11. Surgery to remove primary tumor(s): 38:45 Q12. Surgery to remove metastatic tumor(s): 39:05 Q13. Other surgery 39:40 Q14. Liver-Directed treatment: 40:10 Q15. Somatostatin Analogs (SSA) & Others: 42:48 Q16. Chemotherapy / Biologically-Targeted / Immunotherapy, including Clinical Trials/ PRRT (Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy, i.e. Lutathera®): 44:03 Q17. I am diabetic: 47:50 Q18. ALLERGIES (Medications/Food): 48:05 Q19. FAMILY HISTORY (Specify cancer and/or rare diseases): 48:20 Q20. I have had Genetic Testing: 48:37 Q21. MEDICATIONS/SUPPLEMENTS (including vitamins, digestive enzymes): 49:01 Q22. CURRENT PHYSICIAN(S) & MEDICAL TEAM 49:29 Q23. SOCIAL SUPPORT 50:13 Q&A with the NET VITALS Team 52:23 What is NET Vitals? LACNETS created NET VITALS as a quick snapshot of the most important questions for patients and healthcare professionals to know about neuroendocrine cancer. NET VITALS is a 20-question tool designed to highlight the vitals of NET cancer, all in one document. This allows the physician and patient to more easily communicate with all of the basics in one place. Webinar Leaders: Giovanna Joyce Imbesi, MBA, Executive Director, LACNETS Lisa Yen, NP, NBC-HWC, Program Director, LACNETS Dan Li, MD, Medical Oncologist, City of Hope Josh Mailman, MBA, President, NorCal CarciNET Learn more here:
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