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Additional Resources

Additional Resources


"2024 Updates on Clinical Trials in Neuroendocrine Tumors" with Dr. Heloisa Soares - April 25, 2024 - LACNETS Patient Educational Event

"Navigating Clinical Trials: Expectations vs Realities" with Taymeyah Al-Toubah, MPH - August 2023 LACNETS Patient Educational Event

"The Latest in NET Clinical Trials" - 2023 LACNETS Patient Education Conference

"Clinical Trials: Why, What & How" - 2023 LACNETS Patient Education Conference

"Patient Story & Understanding Clinical Trial Terminology" - 2020 LACNETS Symposium

"Update on NET Clinical Trials" with Dr. Heloisa Soares - March 2023 LACNETS Educational Event

"How Clinical Practice Has Been Changed by Clinical Trials in the Last 10 Years" by Dr. Enrique Grande (Credit: INCA)

In this 2022 recording for INCA, Dr. Enrique Grande, MD, PhD, MSc, gives a snapshot of NET research, how clinical trials inform clinical practice, and highlights key trials.

"Practice Changing Research in NETS" by Prof. Jonathan R. Strosberg, President of NANETS (Credit: INCA)

In this 2022 recording for INCA, Prof. Strosberg discusses the current NET clinical trials.

"What is the Role of Patients in Trial Design and Efficacy" by Prof. Michael Michael (Credit: INCA)

In this 2022 recording for INCA, Prof. Michael discusses the gaps in current NET research and the role of patients in clinical trials design.


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"Why Participate in Clinical Trials?"

Clinical Trials Glossary

"How to Prepare for Clinical Trials" Info Sheet

Glossary: Common Terms in Clinical Trials

Navigating Clinical Trials: Expectations vs Realities - Slides from August 19, 2023 LACNETS Educational Event

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