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"Against the Tide: The Mary Donlevy Story"

In "Against the Tide: The Mary Donlevy Story," Mary shares her NET journey as part of the 'Stories of Hope' video series, a joint effort by LACNETS and the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation.


Mary is a NET Patient, a NETCONNECT Mentor & LACNETS Board Member. Mary was diagnosed in 2005 with a pancreatic NET. She had the whipple procedure after her original diagnosis. She is a mother to four children, two of whom are identical twins born after her diagnosis with NET.


NETCONNECT is a program connecting NET patients and caregivers with NET mentors for support.

To connect with mentors like Mary or to become a mentor, please email us at


Watch Mary share her experience in a clinical trial.

Watch Mary also share about "scan-xiety," the common anxiety patients sometimes have when undergoing scans here.

Watch Mary share her story of living with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor.


Learn Advocate Connect Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (LACNETS) provides a community of support and education for neuroendocrine tumor (or neuroendocrine cancer or NET) patients and caregivers. For more information or to learn about upcoming events, visit

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